Multimorbidity Measures

Multimorbidity Index

  • Our group developed a multimorbidity index that goes beyond individual chronic conditions by incorporating disease combinations identified by the association rule mining, to predict 5-year mortality risk. Analyzing data from 11,853 older adults in the Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey, the study revealed that this new index, which includes disease interactions, offers a more accurate prediction of mortality. The findings highlight the importance of considering the complex interplay between diseases, suggesting a shift in how multimorbidity is assessed in both research and clinical practice.

Multimorbidity Measures Comparison

  • Our team explored the impact of various multimorbidity measures on mortality risk among older Chinese adults. Utilizing data from over 13,000 participants, the study assessed condition counts, patterns, and trajectories of fourteen chronic conditions. The findings revealed that trajectory-based multimorbidity measures outperformed others in predicting mortality, suggesting a more nuanced approach to assessing health risks in the aging population. This research emphasizes the value of detailed multimorbidity assessments in improving mortality predictions.
  • Our team developed a multimorbidity index tailored for middle-aged and older Chinese adults living in the community to predict disability trajectories. Through analyzing data from 17,649 participants in the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Survey, we established a weighted index that outperformed traditional condition counts and multimorbidity patterns. Our findings suggest that this multimorbidity index could be a more effective tool in predicting disability outcomes, potentially guiding better healthcare strategies for this demographic. Despite the limitation of relying on self-reported conditions, the index’s enhanced predictive capability is promising.
Yan Luo
Yan Luo
PhD candidate in Data Science

My research focuses on using machine learning approaches to identify social determinants and biological markers of diseases and aging, aiming to improve population health.